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About Us

Devoted to the home chef and entertainer, Allyson’s Kitchen in Ashland and Bend is a gourmet paradise. In our kitchenware department, you’ll find a unique vegetable peeler that even works on tomatoes, the perfect pan for omelets, and an Asian knife that cuts like a dream. You’ll also find a new stand mixer in a color that compliments the walls of your kitchen, an automatic espresso maker that makes superb espresso with the press of a button, and an aeroponic garden designed to let you grow fresh herbs on your kitchen counter!

From our deli, the aromas of rich butternut squash soup mingle with the Spanish paella scents coming from our demonstration Kitchen. Our wine expert pours you a sample of wine from one of our favorite winemakers. You can join in on a hands-on cooking class with fellow foodies from near and far. Step up to the deli counter for a taste of locally made blue cheese. Pick up saffron threads, tellicherry peppercorns and extra virgin olive oil from Italy in our gourmet foods section. Shop for dinner and take home our homemade lasagna or chicken potpie from the prepared foods case.

We know you’ll feel right at home in Allyson’s Kitchen.


In 1995, Allyson and Steve Holt spent three memorable days in the delightful town of Ashland, Oregon. In the span of 72 hours, the couple developed a plan that would completely change their lives. With a background in marketing and a passion for gourmet food and home entertaining, Allyson and Steve decided to sell their current businesses and their home in Southern California, pack up their belongings and family and move to Ashland to open a kitchen store. It would take five years to realize their dreams and in September of 2000, Allyson’s of Ashland officially opened their doors.

In 2006 a group of investors formed to build Allyson’s into a larger group of neighborhood gourmet marketplaces. The second Allyson’s Kitchen opened in Bend, Oregon in early 2008. Tough economic ties have led the group to put further expansion on hold for now. In early 2009, Allyson and Steve decided to return to Southern California, leaving the management of the business int the capable hand so their business partners, Lynne Galligan and Jeff Parr. Lynne and Jeff are entrepreneurs with a love of good food and wine. They continue to believe in the vision of Allyson’s Kitchen as your neighborhood gourmet marketplace and that excellent customer service is the key to a successful business.